Responsible for planning and delivering all content requirements on the design and content uplift for Fidelity’s market-leading adviser investment platform, FundsNetwork.


No two days were ever the same at Fidelity – the job called for high-level planning and deep-diving into details, with the close co-operation of UX design, propositions, technology, product delivery and testing. The company encouraged good dialogue and collaboration across different functions within the business, and across different time zones and cultures. So adaptability and flexibility were key requirement skills. The way of working also required transitioning from a waterfall delivery model to more agile scrum and sprint-based approaches, which presented many challenges and opportunities.


  • Cross-functional collaboration with business propositions, technology and digital departments – internal communication is crucial to the success of any product delivery
  • Ability to understand and adapt to technical constraints
  • Sound judgement on when to simply carry out instructions and when to constructively challenge conventional thinking
  • Being totally customer-centric and constantly questioning how to achieve positive customer outcomes
  • Solid understanding of regulatory requirements, AML, fraud issues, data privacy, protecting company trust and reputational integrity
  • Copy creation and presentation, managing copy reviews and achieving sign-off from multiple stakeholders
  • Close collaboration with development and testing throughout the delivery lifespan
  • Upholding the brand values of Fidelity International whether at work or at play